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CIAT Engineering Limited is a full service engineering and consulting firm that first opened it doors in December 2015, in Dhaka, Bangladesh duly incorporated by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh vide Certificates of Incorporation No. C-127373/2015 dated 6th December, 2015 issued by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Bangladesh.

CIAT Engineering Limited is recognized as a leading Building Management System, Water Treatment Plant & Security provider in Bangladesh. With a full range of products including Fire Detection, Access Control, Video Surveillance/ Transmission, Intrusion Alarm & Building Management System (BMS).

CIAT Engineering Limited brings a singular dedication to the full spectrum of commercial and residential security needs. This dedication is expressed through the establishment of quality leadership in technology, installation & distribution. Upon this foundation, our size and expertise support our innovation and our unique vision. By now, you would have already considered our products but in terms of service, we provide you assurance of our highest consideration in providing unprecedented level of service and support quality. We take pride and pleasure in providing the support and solution to not only meet but also exceed you expectation every time.

Since that time, we have expanded our capabilities, our staff, and the geographic area that we serve. CIAT Engineering Limited is now comprised of office locations throughout over 25 team members.


CIAT Engineering Limited is a multidisciplinary urban and regional design, planning, implementation, architectural and engineering consulting company. We provide you with an integrated approach to reliable project delivery in the evolving globalized world. Proactive rather than reactive, we are at the forefront of new specialties and advantageous alliances. We are here to enhance people’s lifestyle and the economy through our services. Our services are distinctive because they are continuous. Our adaptability and the solid communication between branches mean we deliver results against all odds and external challenges. The level of service and anticipation of market trends are what shape us.


Because we are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied no matter how large or small your project is. We also focus on what society really needs and hence pay special attention to the environment and communities.
CIAT Engineering Limited services are all in-house, covering a broad spectrum from architecture.

CIAT Engineering Limited is recognized as a leading Building Management System, HVAC control system & security provider in Bangladesh. With a full range of products including Water Treatment Plant Implementation, Fire  Detection, Fire Protection, Access Control, Video Surveillance/ Transmission, Intrusion Alarm & Lighting Control System.


CIAT Engineering Limited is committed to the continuous improvement of its professional services and endeavors to provide opportunities for highly qualified professionals to apply their know-how towards the development and service of society with the highest levels of professional integrity and commitment.


To continuously improve its world-wide rating among the top architectural and engineering consulting firms, pioneer state of the art technological solutions and provide the best professional service value regardless of project size or profitability.